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The extension for real mink eyelashes are one of the leading products of Light Lashes, specialist and a reference point at international level in providing the best products for beauty salons and beauty services.

The eyelash extensions is now establishing itself as one of the most desired beauty treatments and appreciated by women who want to bring out the most of the unique beauty of their eyes and their features. The mink lashes are able to offer a more realistic and natural conformation to 100%, ensuring maximum satisfaction.

Available in black color, the mink eyelashes are light and very soft, adjustable for length and configuration according to various needs of customers. The quality of the raw material is of the highest, so as to ensure a perfect aesthetic result and free of damage to the natural eyelashes.

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Eyelashes in real mink: the solution for your beauty

The eyelashes in real mink are increasingly used by lashmaker, in beauty centers, by beauticians and professionals who follow the latest fashion trends. Our mink eyelashes are professional, fluffy, soft, available in different lengths and can ensure highly realistic look.

Using real mink eyelashes you will be able to get a very natural effect. The eyelashes are obtained directly from the combing of the hair mink and therefore their structure is homogeneous, more real and natural than that which characterizes the synthetic lashes produced industrially. The typical characteristics of absolute uniqueness of real mink eyelashes produce an inimitable aesthetic effect, while ensuring high safety with hygienic standards.

The mink lashes are resistant to heat, moisture, water and sweat, resisting such a long time.

Mink lashes: top quality for your eyes

The eyelashes in 100% Siberian mink are one of the most popular items in the wide range of products offered by Light Lashes. This unique product will allow the professionals of beauty to offer a unique service to each of their customers: a bright, intense gaze, able to bring out the most of the uniqueness and beauty of the face and eyes.

Unlike more traditional synthetic fake eyelashes, Siberian mink eyelashes are definitely more silky to the touch, light and natural. Light Lashes makes it available to client companies in different sizes, so as to provide a complete range able to adapt to the needs of each individual customer.


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