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The eyelash extensions is one of the latest trends, increasingly popular and sought after by women who want to look more sensual and want a bewitching look and characteristic.

Light Lashes is among the most popular of extension eyelash retailers: our company is a true reference point for all lashmaker, make up artists, beauticians and beauty professionals. It is to them that we mainly cater, offering a quality product, unique, practical and exceptional aesthetic benefit.

Extension for lashes: the materials we use

Our eyelash extensions are always made with the best materials. The quality of our products will bring to light the face of your customers like never before, offering them a stunning look, with long eyelashes and thick, looking totally natural.

Most of our extension for eyelashes is made of PBT (synthetic fiber). Between our synthetic fibers include:

  • Mink, also said mink (synthetic fiber): the color of these eyelashes is slightly off, so as to ensure a completely natural aesthetic effect
  • Silk, also known as silk. A synthetic fiber which contains a larger amount of silicon, and is usually used to give life to more showy and sensual effects
  • Special Silk, a special product of the Advanced line. A very shiny silk, with special thicknesses, available in boxes of 20 strips instead of 16

  Ciglia nere Black lashes   Ciglia colorate Color lashes   Ciglia decorate Decorated lashes  

Extension for eyelashes: two techniques for their correct application

The Light Lashes products, sold at the best beauty salons and specialized professionals in stretching of the eyelashes (lashmaker), they are available in different models to meet any requirement of look.

Le extension per ciglia possono essere applicate con due tecniche differenti in grado di dare un tono caratteristico totalmente diverso all’occhio e allo sguardo.

  • One to One or classic technique. In this case the extension is applied on each individual eyelash exploiting the professional glue for eyelash extension. Every day we lose between 3 and 6 lashes per eye, while a complete change of the eyelashes takes place in the space of 100 days. When the natural eyelash ends its life cycle falls, bringing with it the extension applied and leaving room for another lash. On the latter, when fully grown back, there could be a new extension. Retouching can be done every 3-4 weeks. The classic elongation technique produces long eyelashes, dark and curved, characterized dall'apprezzato "natural look". The latter will be higher than warranted by the best mascara.
  • Thickening or volume technique. In this case we proceed to the application of a range extension on each eyelid. The objective is to obtain an extra-bright effect: it may be a light and soft volume, in the case of use of two or three extra thin lashes for a natural eyelash or can be pushed in the case in which can apply up 6-7 for eyelash extensions. Length and curvature of the fan will be recommended by the lashstylist based on the type of the eye of the woman and according to the structure of the natural lashes.

To those who are recommended for extension eyelashes?

The eyelash extensions is a service especially created to please women who do not own natural lashes nice and thick. More subtle and natural, thinner edge will be the artificial eyelashes that is used in the application.

Light Lashes is aimed primarily at the beauty centers, beauticians, make up artists, hairdressers, professionals who offer the particular service lengthening lashes to even their customers called lashmaker. Contact us for more information or purchase your product directly, choosing from the wide range of our proposals.


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