How to apply eyelash extensions


False eyelashes Light Lashes have a very high quality product, guaranteed and certified.

With the help of our eyelash extensions, beauty professionals will be able to offer an excellent service to their customers, giving them a deep and seductive look, characterized by a new and special intensity.

Thanks to its great experience and the quality of its products, our company is now the exceptional partner for numerous beauty salons, beauty centers and hairdressers who understand the importance of the eyelash extension service - one of the hottest trends of the moment.

Below, here is some advice to be followed carefully for a perfect extension of the application to eyelashes.

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  • Examine the eyes of the customer, choose the most suitable length and curvature of the eyelashes so as to obtain the desired result
  • The natural lashes should be clean and eyes must be absolutely healthy
  • The lower lashes must be covered completely by the use of a pair of pads. It is important to prevent it from coming into contact with the upper lashes
  • Each eyelid should be cleaned with saline solution before the application of primer Light Lashes. We recommend using a micro-brush for the preparation of natural eyelashes accession with extension
  • Natural eyelashes will be combed carefully, so as to separate them from each other and straighten them. In this way the extension of the application to eyelashes will be easier and faster
  • At this point you can start to all effects the extension of treatment for eyelashes. We must pay close attention when you grab an eyelash with tweezers before soaking in the glue: having a firm grip on fake eyelash will apply with relative ease
  • Once the elongation activities of the lashes you can complete the job by passing the fixative on hanging of artificial eyelashes. The required drying can be sped up thanks to nano hand mister, a dwarf vaporizer, which speeds up the curing of the glue.

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