False eyelashes semipermanent


The semi-permanent false eyelashes are one of beauty products most appreciated by women who often use this effective solution to enhance your look, making it their most penetrating eyes. A seduction tool used mainly by those with the natural eyelash short, sparse or tending downwards and that want to mask these small defects.

The semi-permanent eyelashes are sold online from Light Lashes, a benchmark in the industry for its reliability and the quality of the final product, directed especially at beauticians and beauty services centers so that they can use with their clients.

The extension for semi-permanent eyelashes and fake eyelashes have also taken increasingly popular Italy, the prices offered by our online shop are extremely beneficial and convenient. The wide range of volumes, colors, sizes makes our extremely attractive and compelling proposition.

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False eyelashes semi-permanent: the perfect solution for your beauty

The semi-permanent eyelashes last for a few weeks, are easily applied by professionals and are an excellent solution for those who want to step up your look by spending an amount contained.

The semi-permanent artificial eyelashes must be applied by carrying out a preliminary examination of the customer's eyes: if you are irritated, reddened, swollen you can not proceed with treatment.

The semi-permanent eyelashes are applied by certified adhesive glue and high quality. Light Lashes has achieved a compound of medical odorless, water-resistant and flexible.

False eyelashes semipermanent: softness and shine to your look

False eyelashes sold by Light Lashes are for viewing or silk, to imitate perfectly the natural lashes. The special non-allergic fiber ensure an excellent result which allows to reproduce the characteristics of natural eyelashes.

False eyelashes in a vision return naturalness and softness while those in silks are brilliant and offer an eye-catching effect. Our products are dimensionally stable, flexible, bright and light, designed for professional use and for re-offer the natural effect. Your customers will appreciate the semi-permanent false eyelashes: Light Lashes is the reference for the aesthetic centers and professionals of the beauty industry who wish to get the women's satisfaction.

Light Lashes is a well-known retailer of semi-permanent false eyelashes, a benchmark for beauticians, hairdressers and beauty centers. Choose your product in our extensive online shop to satisfy all your customers, take advantage of our attractive prices and fast delivery.


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