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Light Lashes has selected the best glue for false eyelashes on the market. It is a sticky substance produced specifically for the application in the maximum extension of safety for eyelashes and is characterized by an exceptional resistance. For this reason, it is successfully used by beauty professionals that offer their customers a professional service lengthening eyelashes.

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Glue false eyelashes: the best support for the extension

The glue for false eyelashes is a compound of medical type, similar to that used to help the healing of small wounds, and is characterized by flexibility and water resistance. In this way, the glue can ensure a large resistance to extension, equal to about 7 weeks.

The glue for false eyelashes is specially formulated to not cause irritation to the skin and can therefore be used with maximum safety both for the customer and for the operator.

Retains the most of your glue false eyelashes

Are you a beautician who bought glue for eyelash extensions produced by Light Lashes? Follow our guidelines to preserve the most of this article, while maintaining its characteristics even for 3-4 months after opening:

  • Shake the container for about 15 seconds before each use
  • Close the cap to minimize contact of the substance with the air
  • Pays great attention to the amount of product that you use for the application of false eyelashes: If the dose is excessive glue the result will have a soft and natural look; if, on the contrary, the amount of glue is too reduced, significantly increase the risk that is rapidly dried in contact with the air and adherence will not be durative
  • It retains the glue for false eyelashes in a cool place
  • To get the glue Light Lashes well functioning you prefer an environment with a humidity of 50-65% and a temperature between 18 to 24 ° C.
  • Do not make the treatment during the manicure or waxing, because the ammonia present iun some dyes can reduce the adhesion of the glue for lashes

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