False eyelashes


Light Lashes is specialized in the production and sale of the best false eyelashes offered by the market. Our products are characterized by one maximum quality, so as to ensure the maximum aesthetic and remarkable durability and naturalness features. Our wide range of false eyelashes is dedicated especially to lashmaker, beauty salons, hairdressers and beauty professionals specialized in this new and appreciated service.

Color, gloss, flexibility, lightness and naturalness. All this thanks to our exceptional false eyelashes, for a sensual look and bewitching just like natural lashes. The result is guaranteed because we use a special hypoallergenic fiber.

  Ciglia nere Black lashes   Ciglia colorate Color lashes   Ciglia decorate  Decorated lashes  

false eyelashes: mink or silk, wide choice of quality

  • The mink eyelashes give life to a deep and glamorous look, always guaranteeing natural beauty and softness to the touch
  • The silk lashes are brilliant and allow flashy effects, highlighted mainly by their intense and lacquered black. They are available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses

false eyelashes: features and strengths

The extensions eyelashes Light Lashes are made of non-allergenic synthetic fiber, exclusively of the highest quality. Their specific features allow to ensure naturalness and sensuality to the look of the woman, while at the same time to highlight the most of the beauty and uniqueness of the features of his face. Our eyelashes are designed for beauty professionals, beauticians and hairdressers who will apply them quickly and easily.

Here are some of the characteristics of extension lashes proposed range from Light Lashes:

  • Indeformability
  • Lightness
  • Flexibility
  • Brilliant and natural color
  • Wide range of thicknesses: from 0.05mm to 0.25mm
  • Various lengths, from 4 mm to 16 mm. The most used are those of 8 mm - 13 mm
  • Wide choice of colors: black, red, brown 3 different shades, pink, green, yellow, orange, gold, blue, light blue, purple, white

Extensions eyelashes: choose your favorite model

  • B-Curl. Model of false eyelashes characterized by a slight curvature to create natural effects, closer to the "natural" look.

  • C-Curl. Characterized by an average curvature, they are ideal for obtaining a natural and sexy look

  • CC-Curl. lashes with a noticeable curvature, indicated for particularly intense effects and accentuated, or used for outer corner to highlight a fantastic "cat" effect

  • D-Curl. lashes with a very obvious curvature, indicated for amatrici a d doll look. A very pronounced curvature and loved by our customers.

  • L-Curl. lashes characterized by a peculiar curvature L-shaped, ideal for highlighting the beauty of the almond-shaped eyes, or to improve the look of the eyes characterized by drooping eyelids. Specially designed and created for Asian eyes.

  • L + Curl. Have an L-shaped bend smoother and recognized as the best choice for those who ha natural lashes that grow down


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