Eyebrow Tint


You are a beauty professional and looking for the best products in terms of dye eyebrows? In your beauty salon and beauty services are you going to also offer this treatment, increasingly in demand, and you're looking for a quality partner to ensure maximum satisfaction to you and your customers?

Rely on the professionality of Light Lashes, a leader in the field of extension eyelash and eyebrow dye.

The tint for eyebrows is now a must for many women who want an intense look, irresistible. For this reason, over the years, Light Lashes has specialized in the selection and delivery of the best products for dyeing eyelashes and eyebrows, with the aim of improving both the aesthetics as the self-esteem of the end customers.

We cater especially to beauty salons, aestheticians, beauty professionals, hairdressers and to anyone who offers this kind of treatment. Our extensive range of products are also the best eyelash extension.

Eyebrow dyeing: the ideal treatment to bring out your eyes

The dye eyebrows is suitable for all skin types, and provides a very natural result that will give new light, new life and new charm to the look of your customers. This exceptional treatment, that as a professional you can perform with precision thanks to the best products that we have selected for you, will help to highlight the eyes of your customers - while avoiding the traditional cosmetic tricks, which must be renewed day by day.

The dye for eyebrows allow to your customers to feel always clean, even without make-up, for a longer period: the treatment, in fact, lasts several weeks. Light Lashes also offers a variety of shades for dyeing eyebrows to enhance every type of female beauty, and every look: intense black to midnight blue, every shade is available according to the many natural hair shade.

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Tint for eyebrows: the steps to obtain the desired result

How to get a perfect result by applying the tint for eyebrows? These are the stages that every beauty professional should follow:

  • Remove make customer
  • Moisten the brows with the help of saline water
  • Apply the dye. 2cm dye + 10 drops of oxidising: stirring, the mixture is creamy, depositing on the eyelashes using a brush. The color is usually chosen based on the color of the hair or the most specific needs of the customer
  • Leave on for 6 to 10 minutes depending on the bow hair structure eyebrows
  • Remove the tint for eyelashes at the end of the exposure period, using a cotton ball soaked in water.

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