Main characteristics of extension eyelash


The Light Lashes eyelash extensions are made of porous synthetic fiber grade. Completely hypoallergenic and high quality, our eyelash extensions have three basic characteristics: flexibility, lightness and naturalness and have a bright and natural color, designed for professional use. They provide, in fact, a precision in thickness, shape and length equal to 98.9% of the natural ones.

Available in three different fiber qualities:

SILK, calls also Silk Lashes, are of synthetic fiber eyelash, who have a deep black color, very bright. The wine are shiny, as if they were lacquered. Much loved by women who like to look, emphasizing the eye. For this type of extension is a special curve CC, which is a cross between C and D, to accommodate the most of the eyelashes of our customers.

MINK, also known as Mink Lashes, it is a synthetic fiber, also called "luxury", for its porosity within the formula. They have a black, slightly off (not opaque), created to perform the most natural effect, using the minimum thickness, or the most conspicuous, applying the most hazardous thicknesses. This fiber is beloved primarily by lashmaker, already from the initial touch and the first lashes applied is pure love, since it is simple to make and to stick and is more than satisfactory end result.

SPECIAL SILK, the amazing lash line of the latest generation "Special Silk Advaced" Light Lashes, is a line created by a successful lashmaker for professionals of the look. So we thought of making the extension, taking into account all the suggestions of our customers, seeking perfection in the synthetic fiber available in today's market. The synthetic fiber "Special Silk" (also called simply "Silk") is created using the artificial fibers with the addition of silicon. The larger the amount of silicone in the eyelashes greater the difference between them and the Mink Lashes (always Synthetic lashes but less lit in shine and for different porosity). So thanks to the new formula the "Special Silk" appear so softer, shinier and more flexible. To achieve this extraordinary result, we have found the right balance in the formulation of the material in order to guarantee to each of our clients the maximum satisfaction and an absolute pleasure while using!



In 6 different curvatures our eyelashes Light Lashes are available because each eye and each direction of growth of natural lashes has its own particularities and therefore a need for specific curvatures to be able to model. The different between our CURL extension eyelashes, have been designed to meet every little need and to give more depth and importance to the woman's gaze. For example, the curves L or L + have been created for the Asian eye to open his eyes, but they can be used in the European eye, to give its charm. The curves B and C give a natural look while the CC and D are the strongest CURL ever to put the eye even in sight:





What is the thickness of eyelashes? Simply their diameter: from the base to the thickest spot that tapers man hand up towards the tip. In our catalog we find a wide range of thicknesses, which allow us to work on any base of natural lashes. For example, on the natural eyelashes rather weak necessary to apply eyelashes of a smaller thickness, or a volume of the tuft with finer thickness of eyelashes (e.g. 2x0.07 mm). Conversely, if you work on natural lashes a little 'thicker, you can use more pronounced as the thickness of 0.18 mm or 0,20 mm in' classic application, or in the volume of up to six lashes 0.07 mm.




As well as our natural lashes have different lengths along the eyelid, it is less than, is greater than even the extension of the eyelashes are different sizes, measured in millimeters.
The eyelashes from 5,6,7 mm are used in the corners internal / external or to perform the treatment of the application of the 'lower arch, while the longer lashes are used to create different effects (fox doll etc.), and meet the needs most daring of our customers, managing to make us work "of levels," creating consistency between the measures and steps in a more balanced way possible.
The most used in Italy lengths are from 8 to 13 mm.




Mink-produced synthetic fiber, Light Lashes offers 3 different types of brown: Brown, Light Brown and Dark Brown, and 8 different colors most used in the field of lengthening the lashes. For example, the most popular and the most used are: purple or blue that are often added internal nell'angolino for revealing more of the eye from blue / gray or green eyelashes to sparkle eye green. Do not underestimate all the other colors that will give you always a hand in your most daring and creative designs for holidays like Halloween or Christmas, or just in the photo shoots. The colored eyelashes are available in various thicknesses and curvatures, to be able to run applications in technique one by one, both in the volume techniques.




It is a particular form of cilia, they occur more read than normal ones and are realized in synthetic Silk fiber. They are distinguished by their particular form: we no longer have the classic diameter that tapers towards the tip but we have a concave lashes naked eye "flat" appears because much lighter in weight. Although we are used to classify the lashes thick (0.15mm, 0.20mm etc.) and although there is this distinction within, for Flat, none of this is true. Taking, in fact, holding an eyelash 0.15 mm it soon becomes clear that has nothing to do with a normal lashes 0.15 mm, since it is much more lightweight and feathery.
Seamlessly and easier to attack: thanks to their shape (which can be defined concave) adhere in a few moments, adapting easily to natural lashes.
Their main characteristic is that they give more body to any application. Being the FLAT "flat" eyelashes, even towards the tip, it gives more volume, highlighting the most any application also for the deep black color.



The shape of the "Normal" eyelashes is the most used on the market, because it has the round base, with different diameters from 0.05 mm up to 0.25 mm. Going up to the tip thickness decreases to such an extent as to form a thin tip of the artificial eyelash and this feature makes much resemble the natural one. They are available in two different fibers: Silk or Mink; and in all lengths from 5 mm to 16 mm.


VOLUME 2D and 3D "fan"


Great demand nowadays the volume lashes as 2D and 3D executed in synthetic silk fiber. Are the thickness of the individual eyelashes 0:10 put beside (2 or 3 together) on the bi-adhesive strip, in such a way as to have the very fine tips in opening and positioned near the roots. They are used by applying the so-called "Clump" on a single lash, in cases in which you want to get the maximum volume.

We recommend using a volume pliers handle them more safely and easily detach from the strip. We also want to specify that they are not the classic eyelashes W or Y (a single base), but they are just individual eyelash tuft formed and processed by hand by hand.