Adhesive fake eyebrows


Adhesive fake eyebrows are one of the leading products of Light Lashes, online shop that offers the highest quality goods at reasonable and affordable prices for beauticians, hairdressers, centers and beauty professionals offering a eyelashes and eyebrows to their clients application service .

Our eyebrows are commercially available in different colors, volumes, thicknesses and lengths, adapting itself to the eyes and pointing out the eye. This tool is especially used to help people who have lost eyebrows or who do not like natural ones.

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Adhesive fake eyebrows: colors, shapes and quality materials

The expert should always recommend the best adhesive eyebrows, carefully assessing the face and eyes of its customers. They must be in line with the brow bone, the arch in alignment with the eyelids and nose.

The shade should be slightly lighter or darker hair to look as natural as possible. The adhesive solution makes them extremely practical, affordable and durable. They are designed to be formed and cut depending on the individual needs of each client.

Adhesive fake eyebrows: enhances the beauty of your face

The adhesive fake eyebrows allow women to intervene effectively on their own look. They are available in different models to create the orbital rim. You can choose between different colors, shapes, materials (those mink are the best aesthetic), flexibility (must move in harmony with the facial features).

Estheticians, beauty centers and professionals are the main customers of Light Lashes, a reference point for the online sale of fake eyebrows adhesive. Our reality ensures high quality of the final product: choose your articles on our e-commerce and take advantage of our competitive prices for your purchases.

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