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Light Lashes:

It is an e-commerce specialist products in the field of lengthening eyelashes and eyebrows, active at national and international level. In our site you can find areas by type of products and our staff is always available to guide the purchase of accessories and the most appropriate tools, and suitable to your needs. In our catalog you will find: the black and colored synthetic fiber eyelash, with different lengths and thicknesses, available in various curvatures to perform eyelash extension treatment with the technique, one by one, or Russian volume. In addition there are adhesives for extension eyelashes, dyeing and permanent kits to the eyelashes, hairs and adhesives suitable for extension of the eyebrows, eye makeup removers and everything you need to take care of the look of each individual.

The story:

The Brand "Light Lashes" was born in 2013 from an idea of Tatiana and Sergio and represents one of the first online shops in Italy of extension eyelash. In recent years we have grown and we have always developed more thanks to our immense desire and commitment to be sought from the best products in the field of extension eyelashes and eyebrows, relying on the most famous and qualified industry domestic and international companies with more than twenty ' years of experience.

Competence and professionality:

Although ours is a young company, we boast many years of experience in the wonderful world of the lashes and this is due to the passion and professionality of the co-founder Tatiana, as well as author and trainer of highly professional courses for the training of successful lashmaker, judge International competitions on lengthening of the eyelashes, speaker at conferences of the field and organizer of the first international competition of extension lashes on Italian territory.

The company vision:

From the beginning we have focused on quality of our products, meticulously selecting personally tested and approved products, because the satisfaction of our customers is also ours. As a result on the site you will never find an occasional product, but the quality just passed in time by our master.

Our mission:

The highest priority of Light Lashes is to offer safe and advanced products conform to European standards, constantly taking into consideration the latest news and trends in the industry. For this we are very proud to present and deliver our high-quality products throughout the world and that our brand is synonymous with reliability and beauty for our customers.



Customer care:

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Tel./Fax: +39 035/511 355 (we speak Italian and Russian)
Cell.:       +39 389/56 18 546 (we speak Italian and Russian)
E-mail:    info@lightlashes.it (we speak Italian and Russian)


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Orario di apertura light lashesFrom Monday to Friday
From 9.30 am to 12.30 pm
From 14.30 to 17.30





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Light Lashes
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