“4G Advanced” eyelash extensions glue

New “4G Advanced” extension glue, 6 weeks of pure pleasure!

  • Quickly dries in 1-2 seconds
  • Maximum adherence: for more than 6 weeks
  • Excellent flexibility and dense drop of glue
  • Water proof
  • Balanced formulation in accordance with the last lashmaker exigences
  • Colour: deep brown-black
  • Contents: 10 ml

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COD: A4G-N-10

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Product Description


New 4G Advanced glue, a revolutionary product with an innovative formulation that dries in only 1-2 seconds! Like the 4G network allows a very fast connection with the internet, the 4G glue grants a more rapid dry and an amazing keep for more than 6 weeks! We obvously know that the best conditions of dry are rather the ones of a damp surrounding (with a 50/60% humidity), with a balanced temperature between 18 and 23 °C.

Deep black coloured, it does not release much smoke and it is the best among for any kind of known extension technique.

Using this glue in your “one to one” technique works will be fantastic, thanks to the precise smear and the solid adherence! The glue is thinked to envelop the natural lashes in order to keep a much more durable application. Obviously, to achieve these results it is important to consider the ability of the master to create the perfect adherence with a unique and precise movement of the hand.

Creating the volume will be really simple, the “4G” of the “Advanced” line will give the possibility to envelop the ntural lash with the tip of the “whisp”, in order to block it from the inside, without closing the fan prepared by you with attention and gentleness! This glue is a ultimate generation adhesive created and thinked according to the last research on the market, to satisfy every succesful lashmaker.

What we mean with the word “last generation” is the real decription of our product, an adhesive associated with great high quality and the ability to remain flexible even when applied on the natural lashes. The 4G glue, in fact, doesn't break, does neither leave residuals nor a white film and if well smeared, it doesn't leave lumps or air bubbles. It is highly water-proof and bends with your customers' natural lashes while sleeping and even in the shower, granting a full satisfaction for your customers because the false lashes will fall only with the natural ones.

As soon as the perfect adherence is formed, it will not stick anymore and will dry in few seconds, even so, at the end of the application we suggest you to apply the Nano Mist (3-5 seconds for each eye), in order to make the glue reach the ideal solidification, after that your customers will be able to rinse their eyes, go to the swimming pool, to wear their make-up etc... You have to take into account these issues 24-48 hours after the treatment: avoid hot steam (like the one used during beauty treatments), do not undergo UV treatments and do not use oily make-up removers.

The “4G Advanced” has a long preservation time, about 8-10 months. We suggest you to store it in a dry place to maximize its durability and not to spoil its great qualities. Do not store it in the refrigerator! Once opened, the product reduces its durability to 3-5 months, but only if the coditions of keep are optimal. 10 mL of products are the equivalent of more than 100 applications.

You only have to try it, to not leave it anymore!

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SKU A4G-N-10
Color Black
Contents 10 ml


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