20 “Advanced” black C-curl Special silk strips

Black extension lashes made of special silk "Advanced". 20 strips box.

  • Colour: Shiny black
  • Curl Type: C
  • Length: 7 mm - ­14 mm or MIX (1x7, 2x8 ,3x9, 3x10, 4x11, 4x12, 2x13, 1x14)
  • Thickness: 0.07 mm; 0.12 mm; 0.18 mm.
  • Content: 20 strips (6000 pcs ca.)

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Linea Advanced
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Product Description


The “Advanced” lashes are easier to apply than you have ever imagined!

  • 20 strips of pure brightness and tenderness, completes on their structure;
  • a very handy package, this willl protect your lashes from dust, light and humidity;
  • specific thicknesses, to succeed in every kind of techinque invented until now.
  • precision in length and diameter beyond the limit;
  • a mix much handy than ever, thanks to the clear numbers marked in the front of the strips;
  • no waste, only the most used lengths;
  • composed by a special synthetic fibre, the “Special Silk”, unique in its high quality, made with the latest technologies;
  • softer than foam, than cashmere, than a cloud;
  • the combination with the “Advanced” glue will be your showpiece in your works, you will immediately notice the difference between the other extension lashes
  • very simple to detach, to model and to resume from the strip try it and see for yourself!


The brand new astonishing Light Lashes line of next generation “Advanced” lashes, is a line which has been speacially made by a successful laskmaker, only for the look profesisonals. What would you need more than this? A complete and easy to handle mix of 20 strips of 4,1 cm each one, with the most used size in the world of lash extension, from 7 to 14 mm length in B and C curvature or from 9 to14 mm for the D one (the minor lengths are excluded because the D curvature is very prominent: the shortest lashes would form tiny curls that would make them no longer usable; why wasting 3 stripes in a row for this reason?)

lunghezze ciglia Light Lashes Advanced

The most requested and perfectioned thickesses nowadays are: 0,07, 0,12 and 0,18, these will satisfy the most creative and risky choices of the profesisonals in this magnific and grandiose field!

The 0,18 have been created for the most underlined volumes lovers, but we have made them a little more lighter in order to give your customer the possibility to wear the extensions a bit longer, making them always voluminous, without renouncing the health of natural lashes.

The 0,12 have been studied on purpose for the application of both classic technique (one to one) and a magnificient 2D (obviously this technique can be applied only on a basis of natural lashes which allows this).

spessori ciglia Light Lashes Advanced

The new generation “Advanced” lashes, like the ones showed here, are light as a feather and have the enormous advantage of allowing both the classic application technique and the volumic one without the risk of running up against the weight problem, granting the maximal application durability.

We remind you that diameters cannot be summed up when we overlap 2-3 lashes of thesame diameter. To be more precise, two 0,07 diameter lashes do not weight as a single 0,14 lash (thecalculus 0,07+0,07 is not correct because we cannot add the diameters), so two 0,07 diameter lashes when added, correspond, more or less, to a 0,10 one. The calculus is obviously approximate because we have to take into consideration the glue weight. Specifically, the application of the “Russian” volume using a series of a 0,07 mm diameter extensions is weightless: this is due to the 5-6 super-slim lashes wisp which weight the same as a 0,15 mm lash, the most common type of lash used in the majority of the applications nowadays!

spessore ciglia Light-Lashes di 0.07 mm


The diameter precision of the “Advanced” line is guaranteed by Light Lashes, a well - established and successful brand, popular not only at national level.

The “Special silk” synthetic fibre is created by using the artificial fibre added with silicone. The bigger is the contents in silicone of the lash, the more the difference with the “Mink Lashes” increases (these are synthetic ones as well, but more opaque and different in for what regards the porosity). Thanks to the new formulation the “Special Silks” seem to achieve more softness, brightness and even more elasticity. To reach this extraordinary result, we found the perfect blend and balance in the material wording in order to grant every single custmomer with the maximal satisfaction and pleasure in the use, such as never seen before!

So, with the brand new line, “Advanced lashes”, it will be possible to create with every kind of extension technique different looks: very soft and natural or loud and aggresive or even a dramatic one, preserving the natural lashes health at the same time; the diameters, the curvatures and lengths, but also the unique softness, brightness and elasticity can be provided only by our special “Advanced” Light Lashes label! You will immediately notice the difference and be so impressed to the point there is no way you can change your mind!

Additional Information

Color Black
Curl Type C
Fiber Special Silk
Thickness0.07 mm, 0.12 mm , 0.18 mm
Length7 mm, 8 mm, 9 mm, 10 mm, 11 mm, 12 mm, 13 mm, 14 mm, MIX


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